Barrels, new Street Furniture.

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“Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.” William Shakespeare.

Barrels, new Street Furniture.Hello friends and fellows,

Today’s post is about the new street furniture which is showing in our cities at bar entrances, in Spain.

As many of you are aware with the new anti- tobacco law ,smokers who wish to smoke have to do it in the streets, so what better than to fill the entrance to the bars  with barrels, but they aren’t those old barrels , all the opposite the design and image is a window show for the wines.

Many barrel making companies are adapting to the new changes since many of their clients have requested not only new barrels but also their own or others second hand ones to add their name.

As I have been told a small bodega in Rioja Alavesa lost one of its clients because it didn’t want to deliver an ornamental barrel; therefore immediately sent to prepare 25 barrels with its brand to stop losing clients. Incursion.html

Barrels, new Street Furniture.

Anyway, we hope that the city halls will not start charging the bars because

of putting the barrels in the street, although I am afraid that due to their eagerness to collect tax they will end up charging for every barrel that is placed in the street.

An advantage of these barrels is that you already know which wine every bar has, since it is assumed that the wine will be of the displayed barrel although you never know.

Well dudes, I leave you now, till next time.

Barrels, new Street Furniture.

“Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.” William Shakespeare.






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